At TalentRooster, we’re more than just a company with an idea to make the hiring process more efficient.

We are recruiters and HR professionals passionate about changing the way companies hire people.  That’s why we offer:

  • Multiple easy-to-use recording methods
  • The highest video quality at the lowest cost
  • World class customer service
It’s What We Do.

Intuitive Web-based Recording

If your candidates have a computer with a web cam, they can record a TalentRooster digital video interview.

  • No software downloads
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface guides the recording process
  • Candidates produce studio quality videos from the comfort of their home

Job Interviews on your Home Screen.

Recording video interviews is as quick and easy as playing a game of Candy Crush. With the TalentRooster app for iPhone and iPad, candidates can:

  • Select Interview Questions
  • Record, preview, and retake video responses
  • Upload their TalentRooster video

The app provides sample clips and pointers for your candidates to record the highest quality video, and additional tips to ace their interview.

Custom Branding Options

TalentRooster makes the video interview experience look and feel like your existing employment brand. Standard branding includes:

  • Email invitations and job postings created with your logo and colors
  • Branded candidate and recruiter interfaces
  • The ability to record marketing videos to further enhance your employment brand to candidates.

Ask your client services representative about additional branding opportunities.

Recruiter Toolkit.

A sleek, easy-to-use design allows you to manage your candidates’ video interview experience better than ever before.

  • Review, file, and share candidates with the click of a mouse
  • Organize and remember candidates’ video profiles with the new tagging feature
  • Track metrics, follow trends with your candidates, and generate multiple reports
  • Customize the branded interview experience with multiple options for inviting candidates

Enough about us, already.

We’re excited to hear about your recruitment challenges, and how you’d like to integrate video interviews into your existing talent acquisition proess.

Contact us today to schedule a personalized 20-minute Webinar.